Media Release by The Hon Craig Laundy MP

Celebrations kick off with one week to Harmony Day

Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Craig Laundy MP today encouraged Australians to get involved in Harmony Day, with thousands of celebrations being held across the nation over the next week.

With less than one week to go before Harmony Day on 21 March, Mr Laundy said there had already been more than 4,200 celebrations registered this year – from major sporting events and cultural celebrations, to classroom activities in schools and workplace morning teas.

“On Harmony Day, 21 March, Australians from all walks of life will come together to celebrate the richness of our cultural diversity and the Harmony Day message – everyone belongs,” Mr Laundy said.

“Australians now identify with about 300 ancestries and speak almost as many languages, including indigenous languages.

“The variety of celebrations happening at all levels of our society, local and corporate, show how much our nation welcomes and cherishes the richly varied backgrounds that make modern Australia great.

“This year, we want people to acknowledge all the ways in which our cultural diversity benefits us and makes us stronger as a nation.

“I encourage people to get involved in one of the many celebrations planned – big or small – and to come together with friends and family this Harmony Day.

“Our diversity makes our nation vibrant and richer in so many ways and that’s well worth celebrating,” Mr Laundy said.

To find out what’s happening near you, check the Harmony Day calendar

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