Media Release by The Hon Craig Laundy MP

Young Australians lead way in socially inclusive agenda

The Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Craig Laundy MP, today applauded a group of young Australians committed to building on Australia’s social cohesion.

Mr Laundy said the Inclusive Communities Youth Summit, held at NSW Parliament House, is a terrific event and a great opportunity for young people to have a say.

“The Inclusive Communities Youth Summit gets to the heart of what makes our nation great – that is, our open, fair and socially cohesive society,” Mr Laundy said.

“We are one of the most culturally diverse nations, with almost half of us either born overseas or with at least one parent who was.

“But we are also one of the most cohesive societies in the world.”

Mr Laundy said the summit is another example of young Australians looking to the future and making sure that multiculturalism remains part of our national conversation.

The summit brings together 112 students to present and discuss proposals to promote a fair and inclusive society.

“It is very heartening to see young Australians here working together on proposals to build and support a fair, inclusive and cohesive society for today and into the future,” Mr Laundy said.

“The Australian Government is steadfastly committed to maintaining and building a prosperous and cohesive multicultural Australia.”

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