Media Release by The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Pensioners up to $78 per fortnight better off since election

Australia’s 3.7 million pensioners are $51.80 per fortnight better off for singles and $78 per fortnight for couples since the Coalition Government was elected following a further rise in the age pension today, Minister for Social Services, the Hon. Scott Morrison said.

“Once again the age pension is going up under the Coalition Government. The latest indexing of the age pension coming into effect today will give single age pensioners a $5.90 boost to their fortnightly payments or $153.40 a year while couples will receive an extra $8.80 a fortnight or $228.80 a year,” Minister Morrison said.

“These increases will see the maximum age pension rise to $860.20 a fortnight for single pensioners and $1,296.80 for couples.

“Today’s boost further exposes the false and misleading claims from Bill Shorten who has sought to scare pensioners by claiming the age pension has been cut.

“These increases are in addition to the boost pensioners received from the abolition of the carbon tax and the government’s decision to retain the carbon tax compensation of $14.10 per fortnight for single pensioners and $21.20 for couples.

“When these measures are taken into account pensioners are effectively $66 better off per fortnight for singles and almost $100 better off, with a $99.20 effective increase, for couples since the election.

“There is also good news for part pensioners. Income tested part-pensioners will receive a double boost to their payments from today as lower deeming rates come into effect, amounting to $200 million in additional payments over the forward estimates.

“More than 770,000 Australians will receive, on average, an extra $3.20 a fortnight or $83.20 a year as a result of this Coalition Government decision. Combined with today’s indexation, age pensioners will receive $22 million in increased payments every fortnight or more than half a billion a year.

“Today’s indexation of the pension occurred in line with the Consumer Price Index. If pensions had only been indexed to Male Total Average Weekly Earnings since the last election then single age pensioners would currently be $22.40 worse off a fortnight and couples $33.60 worse off.

“The Coalition Government is pleased to deliver these increases to help pensioners keep up with the cost of living.

“The Coalition Government is committed to ensuring our welfare system looks after those who need it most and that this assistance is sustainable. Our welfare system must assist not only those who need it today but those who will come to rely on it in the future.

“Labor has no plan to secure the pension for current and future beneficiaries. Labor only has a plan to scare pensioners and cause needless anxiety for some of our most vulnerable Australians,” Minister Morrison said.

The Newstart Allowance, Parenting Payment Partnered, Widow Allowance, Partner Allowance and Sickness Allowance will also increase as a result of today’s indexation.

Full details of all rates and thresholds indexed today can be found at