Media Release by The Hon Kate Ellis MP

New funding for the National Women’s Alliances

The Australian Government is investing an additional $130,000 to the National Women’s Alliances to ensure women across Australia have a strong voice on the issues that affect them.

The National Women’s Alliances brings together women’s organisations and individuals across the nation to share information, identify issues that affect them and work with the Government to find solutions.

“These organisations are invaluable in empowering women from all walks of life to be heard, and to have a chance to influence government policies affecting them,” Ms Ellis said.

“The Australian Government is committed to achieving gender equality and is working with the National Women’s Alliance to achieve this goal in all areas of Australian society.

“Already, we have invested almost $4.6 million over three years to 2013 to the National Women’s Alliances. This includes $3.6 million in core funding, and an additional $975,000 in funding for specific projects, annual forums and training for the National Women’s Alliances.

“This additional funding will help boost their capacity to continue their great work advocating on behalf of women across Australia.”

The additional $130,000 being announced today will be spent on boosting the training and capacity building provided to the National Women’s Alliances. It will include training across all of the Women’s Alliances as well as individual support for each National Women’s Alliance.

“We know that Government alone cannot ensure gender equality. That’s why it is so important to work with individuals and grass-roots organisations to continue to have an effective means of communicating.” Ms Ellis said

“The National Women’s Alliances are made up of passionate women who act as credible, independent and effective advocates for gender equality.”

The Alliances include the Australian Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Alliance, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance, Australian Women Against Violence Alliance, National Rural Women’s Coalition and Network, Equality Rights Alliance and economic Security4Women Alliance.

“These Alliances are an essential component in the Australian Government’s efforts to engage women’s groups and bring the perspective of women to policy making,” Ms Ellis said.

“The Australian Government values the work of each of these Alliances in ensuring greater representation and recognition of the diversity of women’s voices.”