Media Release by Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield

Labor Abandons NDIS bipartisanship

Jenny Macklin today confirmed that Labor had abandoned a bipartisan approach to the NDIS.

In a statement issued today Jenny Macklin stated that the Federal Coalition Government was not committed to the full roll out of the NDIS. This is a lie.

The Coalition will honour the agreements between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories for full nation-wide roll out of the NDIS. This has always been our position.

During the election campaign Labor released a series of “phantom” NDIS roll out schedules in marginal seats. These were stunts designed to mislead.

The NDIS is a joint venture of Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. The detail of the roll out schedule beyond the launch sites will be determined cooperatively by all governments.

The Coalition in Opposition put the NDIS beyond politics. In contrast, Labor in Opposition have taken a desperate and disappointing decision to play politics in an area that should be beyond partisanship.