Media Release by Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield

Shorten misleads on NDIS

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten tonight attempted to revive Labor’s scare campaign on the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Coalition has always supported the NDIS and will deliver the NDIS in full.

The Treasurer’s Budget fulfilled the Coalition’s commitment to delivering the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

In fact, the Budget returned $44.9 million to the NDIS which the previous government ripped out when they incorrectly applied an increased efficiency dividend to funded support under the NDIS.

This means the Coalition has ensured $44.9 million has not been lost and will go directly to meeting the needs of people with disability.

The Opposition Leader claimed the Coalition views the NDIS as nothing more than a “scapegoat for complaints about spending”.

Mr Shorten needs to explain on what basis he made that claim, given full provision for the NDIS was contained in the Coalition’s Budget.

Labor has been conducting a disgraceful months-long scare campaign on the NDIS that on Budget night was revealed to be completely baseless.

Labor should cease stirring up fear and anxiety amongst people with disability and their families, who deserve much better from the ALP.

It is the Coalition who is making the NDIS a reality for people with disability and their families.