Media Release by Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Coalition Committed to Reducing Homelessness

Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews has today launched 2014 Homeless Persons Week and reinforced the Coalition’s commitment to help those without safe and secure accommodation.

Mr Andrews said this year’s theme ‘Homelessness: we can’t afford to ignore it’ raises awareness of people experiencing homelessness and the surrounding issues.

“On any given night in Australia, homelessness is a reality for over 105,000 Australians and these disturbing statistics represent individuals from all walks of life,” he said.

“The reasons for homelessness are many and varied and each individual’s path to homelessness is different and unique.

“It can affect anyone and reducing it is everyone’s responsibility.”

Mr Andrews said the Australian Government is committed to adopting a considered, methodical and measured approach to addressing the complex issue of homelessness.

“It is not just about getting people off the streets, it’s also about finding lasting solutions to stop people from becoming homeless in the first place,” he said.

“We have made a good start with all states and territories signing the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness, which will allow us to start working collaboratively to achieve a lasting legacy of helping all Australians find appropriate housing.

“In the year ahead we will review housing and homelessness policies and programmes to examine ways to improve housing supply and affordability.

“This review will feed into the Government’s White Papers on Reform of the Federation and on taxation.

“National Homeless Persons Week is a time for us all to reflect on what we can do to achieve long-lasting results in helping people stay out of chronic homelessness.”