Media Release by Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Partnership to Promote a Generous Australia

Joint Media Release with:

  • The Hon. Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister

The Commonwealth Government will re-establish the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership to bring together government, community and business leaders to develop practical strategies to foster a culture of philanthropic giving and volunteering in Australia.

Philanthropy plays a critical role in Australian society, empowering communities and creating a sense of purpose and belonging.

Australia has a strong tradition of giving and volunteering where possible to provide services, enable local clubs to operate, protect communities and provide opportunities for individuals to reach their potential.

A key component of the Partnership’s work will be examining trends and promoting best practice in the sector.

It will consider how innovative investment and financing can better support a culture of giving and volunteering in Australia.

The Partnership will investigate incentives and barriers to philanthropic giving, so that companies, trusts and foundations are not burdened by unnecessary obstacles or red tape as they try to achieve their objectives.

The members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of philanthropy, business, charity work, social enterprise and regulatory structures.

The membership includes the Minister for Social Services, the Hon Kevin Andrews, Parliament Secretary to the Prime Minister, the Hon Josh Frydenberg, Mr Kevin Bailey, Ms Melanie Cooper, the Hon Tim Fischer AC, Ms Nicola Forrest, Mr Ben Gales, Ms Alexandra Gartmann, the Hon. Dr Gary Johns, Ms Colleen McGann, Ms Angela Perry, Mr Peter Scott and Mr Peter Treseder AM. I thank the members of the Partnership for providing their time and expertise.

By working together, we can harness the skills and resources of businesses, community organisations and individuals, to help solve complex problems and strengthen the social fabric of our communities.