Media Release by Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Trial aims for less red tape in aged care sector

The Australian Government has launched a trial in South Australia which aims to cut unnecessary red tape in the aged care sector.

Minister for Social Services, Kevin Andrews said the initiative is part of the Government’s commitment to reduce the cost of regulation by at least $1 billion.

“This South Australian Innovation Hub trial was developed in consultation with local providers to help aged care workers provide quality care in exchange for reduced Government regulation.

“By helping to lighten the unnecessary administrative burden on aged care staff, providers can put a greater focus on the safety and wellbeing of care recipients,” Mr Andrews said.

“The Hub will give greater autonomy to providers and build the voice of consumers into the design and delivery of care by seeking the views of care recipients and their families.

“For older people and their families this could mean having a greater say in daily activities such as meal planning, building works and ways to improve services.

“For providers that meet certain performance criteria and consistently demonstrate high levels of care, participation in the Hub will lighten unnecessary administrative burden,” Mr Andrews said.

“It’s no secret that our ageing population is expected to rapidly increase and this kind of change is essential if we are going to maintain high standards of care.

The trial will look at offering more efficient assessment of accreditation standards, and more appropriate financial reporting and Aged Care Funding Instrument Reviews.

Ongoing monitoring through aged care regulatory programmes will ensure quality care is being delivered, and regulation processes will apply if a serious risk to care is identified.

Mr Andrews said an independent evaluation of the trial will be held and if successful, the Hub initiatives may be rolled out across Australia.