Media Release by Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Social Services Bills introduced to Parliament

Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews has today reintroduced all the social services measures announced in the Budget in four separate Bills to Parliament.

Mr Andrews said the Government is getting on with the job of fixing Labor’s financial mess.

“Today, we have achieved important progress, with the House of Representatives passing the first of the four bills.

“Labor and the minor parties irresponsibly sought to delay measures that they actually supported for three months – that has already come at a cost to the Budget, it is reckless and irresponsible behaviour.

“We have always said that we will work co-operatively, purposefully and methodically with other parties to pass our Budget measures,” he said.

“Labor’s petty political stunt today that suggested the Government is backing down on our Budget measures is a lie.

“We sought to discuss the Bills with the Opposition but Labor still ran to the media to create fake news stories.

“We remain committed to the Budget and will work to progress all of our Budget measures.

“Our Economic Action Strategy is the only real plan to address Labor’s legacy of debt and deficit,” he said.