Media Release by Hon Kevin Andrews MP

Labor Lies Nothing More Than Scaremongering

Labor Leader Bill Shorten is scraping the bottom of the barrel by scaremongering Australia’s seniors with his comments that pensions will be cut.

Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews has again rejected Labor’s claims that age pensions are worse off under a Coalition Government.

“There are no cuts to pensions. Pensions will continue to go up in March and September every year and the next pension increase will be in September this year,” he said.

“Under the Coalition, not only will pensioners benefit from the abolition of the carbon tax, which will reduce their cost of living, they will also continue to benefit from compensation through the Energy Supplement.

“The Coalition is delivering on its commitments to seniors by increasing the income limits for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card for the first time since 2001.

“The limits are currently set at $50,000 for singles and $80,000 for couples and these limits will go up each year in line with CPI from September 2014.

“Labor, in its hypocrisy, is opposing this move that will benefit thousands of seniors.

“The Coalition is also increasing the portability of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card from 6 weeks to 19 weeks, which means that self-funded retirees can head overseas for longer without having to reapply for their card.

“Mr Shorten opposed the repeal of the Carbon Tax and is opposing many reforms Labor itself took to the last election.

“He is the leader of the party of no position and needs to start offering more than empty slogans.”