Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Providing peace of mind for the people of Galiwinku

Joint Media Release with:

  • Paul Henderson, Chief Minister for the Northern Territory

Galiwinku, one of the Northern Territory’s (NT) largest and most remote Indigenous communities, will have a fully operational, permanent police station by January 2009 as part of an agreement between the Australian and Northern Territory Governments.

The Australian Government has committed $7.7 million to build and fit out the station, construct four staff houses and provide transport and equipment to support police officers, including a boat, electronic interview recording equipment and breath analysis equipment.

The Galiwinku Police Station is a joint project between the Australian and Northern Territory Governments to improve policing at Galiwinku and provide the community with essential resources.

It follows the commitment by the Australian and NT Governments to station three police officers in Galiwinku from November last year.

Before their arrival the community had no permanent police presence.

Providing a permanent police presence in Galiwinku has improved community safety, enabling residents to enjoy a better quality of life.

The Northern Territory Government has awarded the tender for the project to Sitzler Pty Ltd – a local company with experience in local conditions.

This project was added to the Northern Territory Capital Works Program for 2007-08 as a top priority.