Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Environmental and economic benefits for Ngarrindjeri

The Australian and South Australian Governments and the Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority today signed a Regional Partnership Agreement (RPA) to protect the land’s natural resources and encourage economic development.

At Camp Coorong, SA Senator Dana Wortley represented the Government and committed more than $540,000 over two years through the RPA.

The Australian Government is committed to addressing disadvantage in the lands by building a sustainable and prosperous region for the 4500 Ngarrindjeri people who live on the lands.

This initiative aims to provide economic sustainability and greater independence for the Ngarrindjeri people.

Funding will be provided for a business and economic development manager, a caring for country manager and an administration assistant.

The caring for country manager will coordinate current environmental projects on the Ngarrindjeri lands, and develop further plans to protect the Coorong Wetlands, shores of Lake Alexandria and significant species and cultural sites in the Ngarrindjeri region.

The RPA will help establish an Indigenous Protected Area in the Ngarrindjeri lands.

The partnership will also look at improving the protection of marine life, with the establishment of a Sea Rangers program. Two Ngarrindjeri people will complete a fisheries compliance officer course as part of this program.

A new investment company, Ngarrindjeri Enterprises Pty Ltd will also be established to identify business opportunities in the lands. This will include developing a regional tourism plan to boost local tourism.