Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

$90,000 for Youth Insearch

Counselling and support services for vulnerable youth will be boosted in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria with a $90,000 Australian Government grant to Youth Insearch.

Youth Insearch is a peer-to-peer program, led by nine qualified counsellors and 200 volunteers.

The program enables young people aged 12-17 to attend weekend camps in their local areas and participate in group discussions and activities that build trust.

After the camps, the group of young people meet on a weekly basis to talk and to find positive solutions.

The program encourages supportive networks to help vulnerable young people to create positive change in their lives.

Youth Insearch has had a powerful impact on young people, providing support, understanding and acceptance which may not be available in their family or social groups.

The Australian Government is committed to improving the lives of young Australians who are facing challenges.

Youth Insearch was established in 1985 and provides services in urban and regional areas of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.