Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Opposition confirms policy on baby bonus and family tax benefits

The Opposition Shadow Minister for Families, Kevin Andrews, has confirmed that it is Liberal Party policy to remove the means test on the baby bonus and family tax benefits.

Mr Andrews has repeated the policy pledge made last week by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to remove the means test on the baby bonus: ‘Whacking the means test on was dead wrong. I’d like to see that means test come off.’ (Sydney Morning Herald 3/12/2009)

Mr Andrews today confirmed, in relation to the baby bonus: ‘it’s not a matter of something that ought to be means-tested.’ (The Age 11/12/2009)

Reversing the Government’s means tests on family payments, including the baby bonus, will cost the Budget around $3 billion over four years.

The Government will respond to this new Liberal policy once full details of the costings, including outlining the other savings or service cuts the Coalition will rely on to pay for this policy, have been released.