Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Healing Foundation makes milestone move towards healing

The Australian Government today welcomed a milestone in the establishment of the Healing Foundation as Australia’s key body to support healing projects in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Today the Healing Foundation announced its inaugural funding round of $2 million for local community-led healing projects to help people to overcome the underlying causes of trauma and prevent the cycle continuing.

This marks an important step forward in the way support is provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, including members of the Stolen Generations, who are affected by the pain caused by past governments’ laws, policies and practices.

We understand the vital roles of healing in expanding people’s life chances and of pride in culture in shaping people’s aspirations and choices.

Grants will be available for local projects such as:

  • Cultural renewal through connecting with culture, language and country;
  • The development of healing centres and community healing plans;
  • Using song, dance, drama and art as part of the healing process;
  • Group and individual counselling, as well as traditional healing methods;
  • Drug and alcohol recovery projects;
  • Anger management and family violence projects.

These grants will also target projects focused on preventing the cycle from continuing such as building healthy relationships, positive parenting and leadership and mentoring programs for young people.

We know that grassroots initiatives aimed beyond the symptoms of trauma and focused on its underlying causes are important in providing real and lasting healing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The outstanding strength and resilience of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community should be celebrated.

Last year the Australian Government announced $26.6 million over four years to establish the Healing Foundation.

The Healing Foundation will have a strong focus on the needs and aspirations of Stolen Generations members. Both the Chairperson Florence Onus and Deputy Chairperson Debra Hocking are members of the Stolen Generations.

In addition to providing these community grants the Healing Foundation will also invest in training and research.