Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

What about pensioners Mr Abbott?

Tony Abbott has again demonstrated he doesn’t care about Australian pensioners, talking about tax cuts, but no increases to the pension rate.

By leaving pensioners out of his comments, Mr Abbott has revealed the Opposition just does not understand that pensioners are some of the hardest hit by increases in costs of living.

Unlike Mr Abbott, the Gillard Government is committed to providing assistance to pensioners as part of the household assistance package we will deliver together with a price on carbon pollution.

This is on top of the historic pension reforms the Labor Government already delivered in September 2009, which have provided substantial increases to the pension and long-lasting improvements to the indexation system.

Currently a single pensioner on the maximum rate is $128 better off per fortnight than they were before the reforms. And couples combined on the maximum rate are $116 better off per fortnight.

Today’s comments from Mr Abbott show looking after pensioners is not his priority. The Gillard Government will continue to deliver for pensioners.