Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Sustaining the family payment system

The Gillard Government today welcomed the Opposition’s belated support for its fiscally responsible plans to reset the Baby Bonus to $5000 from 1 September this year.

Despite Tony Abbott’s ranting about “forgotten families” the Coalition today backed the Government’s responsible savings measures.

Under legislation passed by the House of Representatives today, the Baby Bonus will be reset to $5000 (down from the current rate of $5,437) to help ensure the family payment system remains sustainable into the future.

This will deliver a budget saving of $358 million over four years.

The Gillard Government is making the right decisions to make sure our economy is strong into the future.

The Baby Bonus will continue to help new parents with the upfront costs of having a baby such as buying a pram, baby clothes and setting up a bedroom.

This Labor Government is getting the job done for Australian families.

We have delivered the country’s first national Paid Parental Leave scheme, introduced the Education Tax Refund and boosted the Child Care Rebate to help working families.

The Gillard Government is delivering for families while ensuring that the family payment system is sustainable into the future, so that Australian families have the certainty of support when they need it.

In contrast, Tony Abbott wants to whack a big new tax on Australian businesses to pay millionaire mums $75,000 to have a baby under his “Rolls Royce” paid parental leave scheme.