Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Hockey confirms Liberals want to hurt families

Tony Abbott’s Liberals have revealed their true colours tonight, with Joe Hockey confirming the Opposition will vote to try and block the Gillard Government’s new Schoolkids Bonus.

The Liberals’ unrelenting negativity puts at risk an upfront cash payment for 1.3 million families with kids at school – money designed to help parents with the costs of essentials like school books and uniforms.

Mr Hockey told Sky news:

“… The one-off sugar hit…we’re not going to support…it’s got nothing to do with school kids.”
(Hockey, Sky News)

This is the Liberals’ first big test for families, and it’s a test they’ve failed.

Joe Hockey seems to think families can’t be trusted to spend this extra money from the Gillard Government on their kids. This is deeply insulting to these families who are feeling the pinch, and just need a bit of extra support to help them make ends meet.

It is clear the Liberals do not support Australian families. Instead, they want to rip hundreds of dollars from the pockets of families who are just trying to put their kids through school.

The Gillard Government understands that families on low and middle incomes are feeling the pinch. We know they need a bit of extra support to help them make ends meet, which is why we are delivering this extra support. But the Liberals don’t think families deserve it.

It’s time Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and the Liberals stopped standing in the way of support for Australian families.