Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

A win for families as Schoolkids Bonus passes the Parliament

Legislation passed in the Parliament today means 1.3 million Australian families with kids in school will start receiving new assistance in June to help them make ends meet.

The Gillard Government is delivering on its Budget announcement of a Schoolkids Bonus to help parents pay for school expenses such as uniforms, books, stationery and excursions.

From 1 January 2013, eligible families will receive:

  • $410 a year for each child in primary school
  • $820 for each child in secondary school.

The Schoolkids Bonus will be automatically paid to eligible families in two separate installments each year – before the start of Term 1 and Term 3 – so parents have extra money in their pockets when they need it most.

This new payment will replace the Education Tax Refund from 1 January 2013. Under the current system, about one million families aren’t getting the full amount back at tax time.

Because we understand that families are feeling the pinch right now, we are automatically paying out the full amount of the 2011-12 Education Tax Refund next month – so they have immediate support to help them make ends meet. Families will start receiving these payments from 20 June this year.

Parents no longer have to pay first and wait months to get some money back. They don’t have to keep a pile of receipts, and they don’t have fill out the extra paperwork at tax time. For the first time, all families will get every cent they deserve – in full and upfront.

The Gillard Government understands that low and middle income families are feeling the pinch. That’s why we are delivering this extra support for families – support that Tony Abbott and the Liberals don’t think families deserve.

By saying ‘No’ to the Government’s Schoolkids Bonus, Tony Abbott and the Liberals have shown they care more about their mindless negativity than looking out for Australian families.

Low and middle income families know they need this extra support to help them put their kids through school, and they won’t forget that Tony Abbott tried to take it off them.