Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Helping families in Lalor Park

Joint Media Release with:

  • Michelle Rowland MP
    Member for Greenway

Tens of thousands of families in Greenway have benefited from the Gillard Government’s household assistance package – including increased payments and new tax cuts.

The Minister for Families, Jenny Macklin, and the Member for Greenway, Michelle Rowland, today met with local families in Lalor Park to talk about the new assistance and how it is helping to balance their budgets.

This week 55,000 local workers began receiving tax cuts – worth at least $300 for most people earning under $80,000.

“We’re rewarding hard work and putting more money in the pockets of local workers, particularly part-time employees such as working mums,” Ms Macklin said.

“For the first time ever you can earn up to $18,200 and keep every cent. You won’t have to lodge a tax a return and you have more in your pay packet each week.

“This will make a big difference to the budget of families in Lalor Park and Blacktown.”

In addition to the new tax cuts, many local families have received increases to their Family Tax Benefit payments in May. These increases are worth up to $110 for each child on Family Tax Benefit Part A and an additional payment of up to $69 for each family on Family Tax Benefit Part B.

Altogether 13,500 families have got a boost to their payments since May.

And of these, 9,650 families with kids at school have received the cash out of the 2011-12 Education Tax Refund, as part of the transition to the new Schoolkids Bonus from next January year.

These families have received $409 for each primary school child and $818 for each high school child straight into their bank accounts in recent weeks.

“We know that many people in Lalor Park and Blacktown are feeling the pinch. That’s why the Gillard Government is providing assistance to help them make ends meet,” Ms Macklin said.

Ms Rowland said she was pleased to be able to deliver much-needed assistance to local families.

“One of the biggest issues people talk to me about is their family budget. Many people find it tough to make ends meet. It’s great to be able to give local people a helping-hand with this new cash. It will make a big difference for so many people,” Ms Rowland said.

In addition to helping local families, the Gillard Government has also delivered household assistance to more than 16,400 pensioners, more than 900 self-funded retirees, more than 1000 veterans and about 1,800 students.

All of the household assistance payments are ongoing and will become part of regular payments from next year.

The Household Assistance Package is part of the Australian Government’s plan for a Clean Energy Future and benefits those who need it the most.

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