Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Liberals’ secret plan to outsource support for families

Today families learnt the truth about the Liberals.

An Abbott Liberal Government will cut, slash and burn from family support to fill its $70 billion budget black hole.

The Liberal Finance spokesperson, Andrew Robb, told the Australian Financial Review that an Abbott Government will “outsource” support for families to the states, leaving families in the lurch.

And the Liberal Families spokesperson, Kevin Andrews, confirmed on ABC24 today that he has already started plotting with his state mates to offload family support services.

“I’ve discussed it in my portfolio area, so for example family service providers that might get funded for activities by both State and Commonwealth, I’ve had discussions with some of my State colleagues about that.”

By handing over control, Tony Abbott is giving Liberal states the green light to cut essential services for everyday Australians.

Hurting families is what Liberal Governments do.

We’re already seeing this slash and burn approach in Queensland where Premier Campbell Newman is:

  • Scrapping extra taxi subsidies for people with a disability;
  • Cutting funding for domestic violence services;
  • Clawing back funding from tenancy advice and advocacy organisations; and
  • Slashing funding from Queensland’s child protection watchdog.

Australian families are starting to feel the pain from the Liberals’ cuts to essential services.

This Labor Government has been working hard to help families make ends meet. We’re delivering new family support, including Paid Parental Leave, Dad and Partner Pay, Household Assistance and the Schoolkids Bonus, in addition to boosting family payments and providing more support than ever before for child care.

Don’t let Tony Abbott and the Liberals put all of this at risk.