Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Abbott confirms he’ll rip Schoolkids bonus away from families

Tony Abbott has confirmed his plans to take the Schoolkids Bonus away from families – leaving 1.3 million Australian families worse off.

This Labor Government has already delivered $588 million in Schoolkids Bonus cash to about 1.2 million families this month – helping families as their kids get ready to go back to school.

Mr Abbott will rip this support away, and has no plans to reinstate the Education Tax Refund.

A typical family with two kids will be $15,000 worse off over the course of their children’s schooling if Mr Abbott gets elected.

This is in addition to his plans to slash the household assistance package, which includes additional increases to family payments and tax cuts for workers on low and middle incomes.

It’s clear Tony Abbott and the Liberals don’t support Australian families.

Families can’t trust Tony Abbott.