Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

DisabilityCare Australia to be rolled out in the ACT

Joint Media Release with:

  • Prime Minister Julia Gillard

    ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher

The Gillard Government and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government have reached a significant agreement today for the full roll out of DisabilityCare Australia, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, in the ACT.

The agreement will provide more than 5000 people in the ACT with significant or profound disability the guarantee they will have choice and control over the care and support they receive over their lifetimes.

The roll out of DisabilityCare Australia across the ACT and confirmed in future funding arrangements means all ACT residents can have peace of mind that if they have or acquire a disability or have a child with disability that leaves them needing daily care and support, they will get the support they need, when they need it.

Under the agreement reached today:

  • By 2019-20, the ACT Government will provide about $167 million to the cost of care and support for people with disability in the ACT through DisabilityCare Australia. This is consistent with the benchmark set by the full scheme agreement reached between the Commonwealth and New South Wales in December 2012.
  • By 2019-20, the Commonwealth Government will contribute around $175 million to the scheme for ACT residents. This will be around 51 per cent of scheme costs. In addition, the Commonwealth will cover the full cost of people who turn 65 and choose to remain in the scheme.

Today’s agreement builds on the agreement to launch from July 2014.

We will progressively roll out DisabilityCare Australia for all eligible ACT residents by July 2016.

The ACT Government will contribute to the scheme on the same basis as set out in the Intergovernmental Agreement on the National Disability Insurance Scheme Launch until 2019-20.

DisabilityCare Australia in the ACT will offer people with disability the care and support they need over their lifetimes.

DisabilityCare Australia will also end the lottery that currently exists where the care and support they receive depends on where they live or how they acquired their disability.

The Gillard Government will continue to work closely with remaining state and territory governments to reach agreement on the national roll out of DisabilityCare Australia, so that all Australians can rest assured that if they have, or acquire, a disability they will have their needs met in a way that supports them to live with choice and dignity.