Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Another day, another Indigenous organisation on Abbott’s chopping block

Yet another Indigenous organisation faces a savage funding cut if Tony Abbott is elected Prime Minister.

Shadow Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion has told The Australian all about the Coalition’s plans to cut support for Indigenous Australians.

He also revealed he did not believe the National Congress of Australia’s First peoples should receive commonwealth funding as it made the peak body dependant.

– The Australian, 23 April 2013

The Gillard Government knows that closing the gap requires a genuine partnership with Indigenous Australians and supports Congress to give Indigenous people a strong national voice on issues and policies that affect them.

The Coalition has also put into doubt its commitment to the national Closing the Gap targets – jeopardising years of progress to reduce Indigenous disadvantage that has been underpinned by unprecedented investments from this Labor Government.

We have set out a clear pathway to close the gap, and we’re making the investments that are needed to get there.

Without the assurance of long term investments, and the security to plan for the future, we will not close the gap.

Yesterday Mr Abbott was directly asked if he would cut funding for Indigenous programs and he refused to give an answer.

And today we’ve learnt about yet another Indigenous organisation that is on Tony Abbott’s chopping block.

It’s now crystal clear that Tony Abbott will cut vital funding if he is elected Prime Minister – and Indigenous people won’t be spared.

But Mr Abbott still won’t front up and admit it.

Why are you hiding, Mr Abbott?