Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Time for Tony to join Barnaby on the Baby Bonus

Nationals Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce today made it very clear what he thinks of the Baby Bonus.

“Well I never supported it to be honest.” (The Australian Online)

It’s time for Tony Abbott to make his position on the Baby Bonus clear. Does he support the Government’s responsible changes to make the family payments system sustainable into the future and to help fund better schools?

Australian families are right to be confused about what Tony Abbott’s priorities are.

We know that Joe Hockey was rolled by his party-room colleagues when he wanted to support the Government’s responsible changes to the baby bonus.

At the same time, Tony Abbott is clinging to his costly and unfair paid parental leave policy that will give $75,000 to high flying lawyers and bank executives, leaving ordinary working women behind.

Only Labor will deliver a fair family payments system that supports those Australian families that need it most, when they need it most.

Only Labor will make the responsible decisions needed to build a stronger, smarter and fairer future.