Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Abbott has no credibility on Paid Parental Leave

Tony Abbott continued his long walk away from his rolled gold paid parental leave scheme tonight, leaving Australian women wondering what he will actually deliver.

“There’ll be an affordable and responsible Paid Parental Leave scheme…”

Australia already has an affordable and responsible Paid Parental Leave scheme.

Labor delivered Paid Parental Leave – and we did it after a decade of inaction by Tony Abbott and his conservative friends.

It’s no wonder he couldn’t give any detail tonight. He knows the people sitting behind him simply hate his policy.

Tony Abbott’s colleagues know his scheme would give high flying lawyers and bank executives $75,000 to have a baby while leaving ordinary working women behind.

They know it will whack a new tax on business, and drive up prices at the checkout.

Tonight was Tony Abbott’s chance to come clean with working women and he squibbed it. He walked away from his own policy.

When it comes to the needs of modern families, Tony Abbott just doesn’t get it.