Media Release by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP

Transitioning to the new Remote Jobs and Communities Program

Joint Media Release with:

  • Kate Ellis MP
    Minister for Employment Participation
    Minister for Early Childhood and Childcare

    Julie Collins MP
    Minister for Community Services
    Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development
    Minister for the Status of Women

The Australian Government has announced extra support to help job seekers and Community Development Employment Projects providers to transition to the new Remote Jobs and Communities Program.

The Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) begins on 1 July and will help more people get into jobs and participate in their communities.

The new program will deliver a streamlined and flexible approach to employment, participation and community development services in regions across remote Australia.

It will help people transition into jobs with proper wages and conditions and build sustainable communities.

Job seekers will be assisted by a single employment provider with a permanent presence in their region to ensure they are better supported to get the skills needed to get and keep a job. People who are not working will participate in activities that contribute to developing strong communities.

The Government is committed to a smooth transition to the new program as job seekers, including participants in the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) program, transfer from existing employment and participation services to RJCP services.

During the transition to the Remote Jobs and Communities Program it is vital that CDEP participants remain involved in community activities and services and that their wages are paid.

The Government is extending funding for organisations currently delivering CDEP for two months to maintain services and the payment of wages during the transition of CDEP participants to new RJCP providers in remote regions.

Outside of the RJCP regions there are eight non-remote areas where CDEP providers deliver employment services. In these areas funding for CDEP providers will be extended for up to 12 months. During this period the Government will work closely with communities and CDEP providers to develop arrangements for activities and employment services for their community.

The Government also recognises the important role CDEP providers have played in fostering community and economic development and social cohesion.

To support them into the future, CDEP organisations in remote and non-remote regions will be offered expert advice on business planning and structuring, governance support and financial and legal advice.

They will also receive assistance to take advantage of sub-contracting and partnering opportunities arising out of RJCP.

This support for CDEP organisations builds on the Government’s investment of $15 million for these organisations and potential RJCP providers to strengthen their governance and capacity.