Media Release by The Hon Julie Collins MP

Double celebration for City Mission’s 160th anniversary

The Minister for Community Services, Julie Collins, today joined social and community sector (SACS) workers at Hobart City Mission in a joint celebration – for historic equal pay rises taking effect from this week and for the Mission’s 160th anniversary.

“Workers from Hobart City Mission are among the 150,000 SACS workers across Australia who will benefit from the historic equal pay ruling,” Ms Collins said.

“Around 4,000 SACS workers in Tasmania are eligible for pay rises over the next eight years, lifting salaries in the sector by between 23 and 45 per cent.

“The new and fairer pay system began this week – on December 1 – and is a significant advance for equal pay for women,” Ms Collins said.

“Around 80 per cent of Australia’s SACS workers are women and many of them are low paid simply because they are women.

“The Australian Government is committed to meeting its share of these historic pay increases and we have set aside $2.8 billion in the Social and Community Services Pay Equity Special Account to ensure we meet our share of these rises.”

“Throughout November, organisations across Australia were sent letters detailing the Australian Government’s offer towards the pay increases for their workers.

“Payments have begun to flow to those organisations that have accepted offers and these payments will continue throughout December.

“I encourage organisations that haven’t responded to return these offers as soon as possible.

“The Australian Government will continue to work cooperatively with all State and Territory Governments to ensure the Fair Work Australia decision is fully implemented for the benefit of workers in the sector,” Ms Collins said.

Ms Collins congratulated Hobart City Mission on its remarkable milestone of providing outreach care and supporting the community since 1852.

“Hobart City Mission is the oldest in Australia and the third oldest organisation of its kind in the world,” Ms Collins said.

“The Mission workers’ long-standing commitment to helping some of Australia’s most vulnerable people is an inspiration.”

“They are continuing a long tradition of providing care, compassion and support – which has been finally recognised by the Fair Work Australia equal pay decision.”

The latest information on the implementation process is available at