Media Release by The Hon Julie Collins MP

Delivering opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds

Joint Media Release with:

  • Julie Collins
    MP Minister for Community Services
    Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development
    Minister for the Status of Women

    Daryl Melham
    MP Member for Banks

The Minister for the Status of Women, Julie Collins, and Member for Banks, Daryl Melham, today met with members of Resourceful Australian Indian Network (RAIN) to launch their new website and discuss issues affecting Indian women in Sydney’s South.

Mr Melham thanked members of RAIN for their work in helping Indian women feel a part of their community.

“RAIN supports women in the community who might otherwise feel isolated and voiceless,” Mr Melham said.

“The volunteers at RAIN deliver a wide range of services improving the quality of life for seniors here in the Hurstville community.

“They not only provide important health services and health educational programs, but also help senior Indian women share their culture with the broader community.

“The organisation has also started carers groups and provides peer support to home-bound seniors or those in nursing homes.

“Communities need organisations like RAIN to bring people together and I am proud to have RAIN as a part of my local community.”

Minister Collins said the Australian Government recognises the important role women have in their community, and in the workforce.

“I was delighted to officially launch the RAIN website, providing a place for people to find out more about RAIN and the services they offer.

“New technology is an important tool to use to raise community awareness of women’s issues – including awareness of local groups and support such as RAIN.”

Minister Collins said the Government was committed to working alongside volunteer organisations to advance the status of women in the community.

“The Australian Government has delivered, and will continue to deliver, practical and tangible reforms to properly recognise and reward the enormous contribution that women make to the economy and the community,” Ms Collins said.

“We will continue to work with community organisations like RAIN to help us understand the barriers preventing women from participating in the workplace and the community.”