Media Release by The Hon Amanda Rishworth MP

Five graduate from Leaders for Tomorrow

Five people with disability today graduated from Leaders of Tomorrow-a national leadership program that helps people with disability become leaders in business, the community and government.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Disability and Carers Amanda Rishworth, congratulated the graduates during an event to mark this occasion held today.

Ms Rishworth said “It is wonderful to be at this special occasion to celebrate the achievements of five very impressive individuals who have shown that they have what it takes to be the leaders for tomorrow.

“Leaders for Tomorrow, part of the Australian Government’s $11 million accessibility package under the National Disability Strategy, is a 12-month program which supports people with disability to develop their leadership skills.

“This important program is tailored according to each participant’s leadership aspirations to help these committed and talented Australians achieve their leadership goals.

“By linking participants with appropriate training, support and mentoring, Leaders for Tomorrow helps participants overcome barriers to work and education so they can become leaders in their chosen field.”

Ms Rishworth said the Australian Government strongly believes people with disability have the right to participate fully in the social and economic life of our community.

“People with disability, and their families, know best what they want for their own future and the supports they need now and in the future to achieve those goals.

“DisabilityCare Australia, the national disability insurance scheme, will provide the financial resources, practical advice and information that people with disability need to achieve their goals and reach their potential so that they can live a life they choose.

“We want every Australian, including people with disability, to achieve their best in life, to develop skills and gain experience, and to have the confidence to dream big and believe in themselves.”

Ms Rishworth said that each of the graduates from the Leaders for Tomorrow program deserved to be praised for their fantastic achievements, and wished them well as they go on to be leaders in their communities and to inspire others around them.