Media Release by Senator the Hon Mark Arbib

Minister congratulates Deadly Award winners

Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development Mark Arbib today congratulated the winners of the 2010 Deadly Awards for their fantastic achievements and commitment to the Australian community.

Senator Arbib attended the award ceremony at the Sydney Opera House and saw first hand the fantastic display of Indigenous talent.

“The Deadlys is Australia’s largest Indigenous award ceremony.  It celebrates Indigenous success in music, sport, entertainment and community involvement,” Senator Arbib said

“This is the 16th year of the Deadlys and the level of talent vying for the awards increases every year. More than 29,000 people voted in the 2010 Deadlys, the highest number of votes ever received. 

“The success of the Deadlys demonstrates the important role Indigenous Australians play in Australian society.”

Senator Arbib said the awards also recognised Indigenous Australians who had been inspirational in their communities but didn’t necessary have a national profile.

“We see the fantastic work that Indigenous sportspeople do in providing role models to Indigenous communities around Australia such as award winners Nathan Lovett-Murray, Jamal Idris, Josie Janz and Ben Barba,” Senator Arbib said.

“The Deadlys also recognise the work that often goes unnoticed in less high profile areas such the Swim for Life program which has done a fantastic job with Indigenous employment in Perth.

“I congratulate all the winners from the 2010 Deadlys and encourage not only the winners but also those who were nominated to continue their fantastic work.”