Media Release by Senator the Hon Mark Arbib

Day to Support Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Minister for Social Housing and Homelessness Mark Arbib today urged all Australians to support the more than two million adult survivors of child abuse across Australia.

Senator Arbib said the second annual Forget-me-Knot Day, hosted by Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA), highlighted the lifelong struggle of untangling the knot of child abuse and the ongoing issues for adult survivors.

“Forget-me-Knot Day is about bringing survivors of the cruelty and betrayal of child abuse out of the shadows and giving them hope,” Senator Arbib said.

“Adults Surviving Child Abuse is holding Forget-me-knot Day to raise awareness of this struggle, and help adult survivors to reconnect with their community.

“Child abuse is horrifying, but we often forget that abused children grow up and face ongoing issues as adults.

“For example, it is shocking to find the numbers of homeless Australians who have been abused as children. Nearly half of our homeless young people report sexual abuse or physical abuse as a reason why they leave home.”

Senator Arbib said the Government was firmly committed to preventing child abuse, through the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children.

“It is the first time an Australian Government has acknowledged it has a role in child protection and taken national leadership to secure effective early intervention services for children at risk,” Senator Arbib said.

“Improving the chances of children at risk of abuse is one of the 12 priorities under the Framework.

“I urge all Australians to support Forget-me-Knot Day.

“ASCA is the key organisation advancing the needs of adults who have experienced child abuse. Untangling the knot of childhood abuse is often a solitary, confusing and complex task.

“The impact of child abuse is not just felt by the children. The adults they become, their families, their partners and their community are all impacted by this tragedy.”

For more information about Forget-me-knot day visit ASCA website